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IH single-stage single-suction anti-corrosion centrifugal pump
IH single-stage single-suction anti-corrosion centrifugal pump
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Single-stage single-suction anti-corrosion centrifugal pump is the 1 kind of pump equipment dedicated to conveying corrosive media. The following is a brief introduction to it:

Structure and working principle:
Single-stage single-suction design: This pump is designed for single-stage single-suction, that is, the liquid in the pump only after a centrifugal process, and only one suction port. This design is suitable for conveying liquid flow smaller occasions.

Anti-corrosion material: The main components of the pump are usually made of anti-corrosion materials, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, fluorine plastic, stainless steel, etc., to resist the erosion of corrosive media.

Centrifugal principle: The pump sucks the liquid from the suction port through centrifugal force, and then rotates inside the pump body, and finally pushes the liquid to the outlet.

Application areas:
Chemical industry: used to transport a variety of corrosive media, such as acid, alkali, salt, etc., suitable for chemical production process of liquid transport.

Electroplating industry: In the electroplating process, it is used to transport corrosive media such as electroplating solution.

Metallurgical industry: