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NL vertical sewage slurry pump
NL vertical sewage slurry pump
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Vertical sewage slurry pump is the 1 kind of pump equipment specially used for conveying sewage containing solid particles or high concentration. The following is a brief introduction to it:

Structure and working principle:
Vertical structure: The design of this pump makes the axis of the pump perpendicular to the ground, so it is called "vertical pump". This structure makes it more convenient to install, occupies a small area, and is suitable for places with relatively narrow space.

Adapt to the sewage slurry: vertical sewage slurry pump is designed to consider the solid particles or high concentration sewage that may exist in the pumped liquid, so its structure is more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

Impeller design: The impeller of a slurry pump usually has a larger channel to transport media containing solid particles while reducing the possibility of clogging.

Centrifugal principle: The pump sucks the liquid from the suction port through centrifugal force, and then rotates inside the pump body, and finally pushes the liquid to the outlet.

Application areas:
Sewage treatment: mainly used in urban sewage treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment plants and other occasions, used to transport sewage or sludge containing solid particles.

Mining: used in coal mines, metal mines and other places of drainage treatment and transport of high solid particle content of mud.

Construction site: In earthworks, for drainage and slurry delivery.

Features and advantages:
Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant: Mud pumps are usually made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, which can adapt to the solid particles and chemical composition contained in the liquid and extend the service life.

Efficient transportation: The mud pump has a reasonable design, which can effectively transport high-concentration sewage and mud, and reduce energy waste.

Self-priming capacity: Some types of mud pumps have strong self-priming capacity, which can reduce the use of auxiliary equipment to a certain extent.

In general, vertical sewage slurry pump in sewage treatment, mining and construction engineering and other fields have a wide range of applications, its wear-resistant corrosion-resistant, efficient transport characteristics make it become a necessary equipment for the treatment of solid particles or high concentrations of sewage.