Tonglian Pump Industry Co., Ltd.

Tonglian Pump Industry is a collection of fire water supply, domestic water supply, sewage discharge and chemical liquid transportation and other types of water pumps, valves, electrical control system equipment, fire electrical control system equipment, fire water supply unit equipment, non-negative pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment design, Manufacturing, marketing and service in one enterprise.
The company passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, national fire pump products CCCF certification enterprises. Tonglian has production equipment and testing center, and has established a product research and development center. While continuously pursuing technology and technology, it absorbs the technology of domestic and foreign pump companies. On the basis of improving the performance of existing products, combined with the original vertical centrifugal pump The advantages of the company have developed a Tonglian multi-stage pump. This design has been patented in China, making up for the shortcomings of the original domestic multi-stage pump.

The product structure and product quality of Tonglian are recognized as the application fields of domestic centrifugal pump technology. Tonglian keeps pace with the times, adheres to the scientific outlook on development, adheres to the service concept of "customer service as the center", carries forward the corporate culture of "innovation, respect and pursuit", and adheres to the enterprise spirit of "uniqueness, fairness and thoughtfulness.