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Vertical single-stage single-suction low-speed centrifugal pump
Vertical single-stage single-suction low-speed centrifugal pump
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Vertical single-stage single-suction low-speed centrifugal pump is the 1 kind of common pump equipment, usually used for conveying liquid or medium, its structure is simple, reliable, suitable for a variety of industrial and civil fields. The following is a brief introduction to it:

Structure and working principle:
Vertical structure: The design of this pump makes the axis of the pump perpendicular to the ground, so it is called "vertical pump". This structure makes it more convenient to install, occupies a small area, and is suitable for places with relatively narrow space.

Single-stage single-suction design: This pump is designed for single-stage single-suction, that is, the liquid in the pump only after a centrifugal process, and only one suction port. This design is suitable for conveying liquid flow smaller occasions.

Low-speed design: The speed of the low-speed centrifugal pump is relatively low, which helps to reduce the noise and wear of the pump, prolong the service life of the equipment, and also helps to reduce the shear force on the medium, which is especially suitable for conveying vulnerable media or occasions with high requirements on fluid performance.

Centrifugal principle: The pump sucks the liquid from the suction port through centrifugal force, and then rotates inside the pump body, and finally pushes the liquid to the outlet.

Application areas:
Industrial applications: This type of pump is usually used in industrial fields, such as water supply systems, cooling cycles, liquid transportation in processing processes, etc.

Civil applications: In the civil field, they are often used in building water supply systems, fire protection systems, and urban drainage systems.

Features and advantages:
Simple structure: The structure of the vertical single-stage single-suction low-speed centrifugal pump is relatively simple, easy to install, maintain and operate.

High reliability: Due to its simple structure, the reliability of this pump is usually high, the failure rate is relatively low, and the service life is long.

Strong applicability: Due to its wide range of applications and low speed, this pump is suitable for various media, including corrosive media and high temperature media.

In general, vertical single-stage single-suction low-speed centrifugal pump has a wide range of applications in industrial and civil fields, and its simple and reliable characteristics make it an indispensable 1 equipment in the field of liquid transportation.